Fighting for our families, communities, and conservative issues that matter to Mississippians


Number one priority is retention and creation of jobs:

  • Focus on Lower Taxes, Fewer Regulations
    • Lower taxes for everyone – individuals and businesses
    • Get rid of all the Obama-era regulations
    • The President's efforts in these areas have been great initial moves, but there is more work to be done moving forward.
  • Support our military and national guard (be prepared for BRAC process) and protect the direct/indirect jobs and economic impact
  • Support growth of existing businesses and industries of all sizes
  • Support state leadership in the pursuit of new jobs and investment
  • Support continuous improvement of workforce development
  • Support continuous improvement of tourism and emphasize the importance of creative economy opportunities
  • Work to help create a job market that allows Mississippi to keep our best and brightest versus losing our young minds to other states


Secure the southern border of the US

Utilize all options to secure this border:

  • Build a new or better wall where logistically possible
  • Use leading-edge technology to monitor the border
  • Increase boots on the ground via border patrol agents
  • Provide more armed boats for Rio Grande patrol
  • Provide more air surveillance – helicopters, planes and drones
  • Collaborate closely with state and local officials
  • Provide more resources to be used at border entry checkpoints


  • Support the President's position on ending chain migration and the visa lottery program
  • NO to any amnesty program
  • Border security must be part of any immigration legislation
  • Focus on solutions that ensure we can bring the best and brightest to the US legally


  • Support concealed carry reciprocity – lawful concealed permit owners should be allowed to carry a firearm across state borders without fear of penalty
  • Will not support adding new gun laws
  • Must enforce the laws that are on the books now
  • Strengthen coordination and compliance related to our National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS)
  • Work to find new ways to care for the mentally ill and ensure that guns are kept out of their hands
  • Ensure law enforcement has the tools and resources necessary to keep our communities safe and secure


  • Good roads, strong bridges, robust utilities, excellent water and sewer plus port/rail/air capacity and connectivity = more and better jobs for Mississippi and a better quality of life for our residents
  • Will work to better identify what our priorities should be for federal infrastructure dollars
  • Will work to streamline bureaucracy related to federal permitting (slows down needed projects and increases their costs)
  • We can protect the environment in much more common sense ways while still growing and developing our economy.
  • Will consistently collaborate with local and state officials to ensure federal dollars for infrastructure projects are made available in a reasonable and timely manner


School Safety

  • Ensure our children do not live in fear that their school is not a safe place
  • Ensure law enforcement has the resources necessary to follow-up on all leads and reports dealing with threats made against our schools, teachers or students
  • If trained teachers want to arm themselves for their safety and the safety of their students, the federal government should not stand in their way.

School Choice

  • Kids should not be trapped in a failing school.
  • Families deserve options when their school system is failing them.
  • D or F level schools should have to compete with other local education options.

Teacher Support

  • Nearly 2/3 of all teachers are no longer in the profession after their first five years. This is a terrible waste of not only a person's professional training, but the tax dollars required to educate them.
  • Increase flexibility in federal funding coming to the state's districts, then pay teachers in a more competitive manner.

Common Core

  • States pay for 80%+ of their education and should be allowed to develop their own locally approved standards.
  • I will never support Common Core.

STEM Curriculum

  • Focus on offering more Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math in our schools…allowing our children to be prepared for the 21st-century workforce


  • Mississippians need access to affordable health care. Helping achieve that is what I have worked on the last five years at Baptist Health Systems.
  • We must repeal the rest of Obamacare and start over.
  • Get rid of one-size-fits-all federal regulations that increase costs
  • Give states more flexibility to innovate and design better Medicaid programs – remove the continual federal roadblocks in this area of needed reform
  • Health care reforms for Medicaid, Medicare, and the private insurance market will be more successful following certain principles:
    • Reward health care providers based on provision of value and outcomes instead of volume
    • Increase access to information (cost and quality of providers, service, and treatment) and increase transparency…quality will improve and costs will come down
    • Patients should have more choices in health care plans.
  • Work to expand and improve telemedicine to ensure our rural residents have access to quality healthcare options


  • Ag and natural resources industries are the backbone of our state economy…particularly in Mississippi's Third District.
  • Supporting our growers, farmers and others involved in ag and natural resources industries will be a top priority.
  • New jobs and new business opportunities can be created in these areas if they have the right regulatory climate, tax climate, and transportation infrastructure.
    • I will fight to reduce the hurdles, roadblocks, and regulations small businesses must overcome when dealing with federal entities.
  • The poultry industry is the largest ag commodity in the state representing billions of dollars in economic activity and tens of thousands of direct and indirect jobs.
  • Forestry accounts for over one hundred thousand direct and indirect jobs in the state.
  • Work to ensure existing and future trade agreements are free and fair – allowing Mississippi businesses to thrive in a global economy
  • Work to emphasize the importance of sustaining appropriate levels of research and development


  • We owe a debt of gratitude to our bravest Mississippians – our veterans and current members of the military and national guard.
  • My commitment is that I will focus on the following:

Fixing the VA

  • Fundamental reform must happen within this agency. Veterans must have confidence in the VA and that their health issues will be addressed in a timely manner.
  • Eliminate the mismanagement and bureaucracy that are slowing access to quality healthcare for our veterans
  • The 2017 Veterans Accountability Act (signed into law by the President) was a great step towards increased accountability and efficiencies for all VA employees, but more steps must be taken.
  • Veterans shouldn't be locked into a healthcare system that isn't working for them. They must have other options to get medical care (outside the VA system / with non-VA doctors).

Supporting Our Military and National Guard

  • It must be a priority of Congress to provide our troops with the tools, weapons and technology they need to complete their missions and return home safely to their families.
  • I will support the President's plans to reestablish appropriate levels of defense spending (overcoming Obama-era military cuts and oversights). We must ensure our ability to deter and confront the growing threats to our country.
  • I will focus on strategic priorities associated with our state's national guard interests (particularly sustainability of adequate and appropriate levels of annual resources).


  • I have always been pro-life.
  • I am thankful our state legislature has made Mississippi the toughest state in the country in which to receive an abortion.
  • We must encourage adoption and make it easier for those who wish to adopt by prioritizing:
    • Fighting to keep the federal adoption tax credit as permanent tax policy
    • Working to reduce the bureaucracy and barriers related to adopting a child in the United States and abroad


  • The opioid epidemic in America and Mississippi is real.
  • The opioid impact on Mississippi:
    • Already in 2018, hundreds of people have died from opioid overdoses.
    • In MS, prescription drug abuse has risen more than 400% in a decade.
    • Many experts rank MS in the top 10 ten states for opioid addiction.
  • The federal government must fully fund a plan that will:
    • Focus on getting help for those addicted
    • Create prevention and education campaigns at local levels
    • Support law enforcement at all levels
  • The manufacturers and distributors of opioids must also be fully committed to playing a serious role in stopping this epidemic.


  • I will be a conservative voice and constant advocate for all twenty-four counties within the Third Congressional District.
  • My commitment will be to fight every day…for every community.
  • Each part of the district is unique and each part of the district has its own concerns and needs.
  • I will continually communicate with voters in every county so I am aware of their needs and interests.
  • I will use social media and other platforms to create a virtual "open door" for constituents.



  • We must remove interference from Washington, D.C.
  • The federal education formula is too complicated. We should block-grant dollars to states and allow states to decide how best to use resources.
  • Locals need to make education choices – not bureaucrats in Washington, D.C.


  • Under Obama, the federal government inserted itself in too many areas of businesses. No matter the field – agriculture, oil and gas, banking, healthcare, etc. – government made it harder for our businesses to expand and hire more people.
  • I will work every day to reverse Obama-era decisions…getting government out of the way of employers.

Gun Control

  • We must never give up our constitutional rights to keep and bear arms.


  • The Obama administration attempted to regulate and ruin the lives of farmers via the estate tax, pushing for a minimum wage for farm workers, Waters of the US Rule, Dodd-Frank, etc.
  • Success in farming today is tough enough and we need to lessen the governmental stress applied on our farmers.

10th Amendment

  • We should encourage states to be innovative – creating new ideas, policies and ways to succeed that may be unique to their state versus other states.
  • When appropriate, I will advocate block-granting federal appropriation dollars to support state programs which will give state and local leaders more decision-making authority.